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Lingua inglese III - equal opportunity Appunti scolastici Premium

Appunti di Lingua inglese III. Gli argomenti trattati sono i seguenti: equal opportunity is an important issue in our society, the various minority groups, there are many situations where woman are treated less favourable than the man.

Esame di Lingua inglese III docente Prof. P. Scienze letterarie




Equal opportunity is an important issue in our society. Even if nowdays the situation of

equal opportunity is better than in the past ,there are situations where people are

victime of “discrmination”. In society always are “discriminate “ for different reason

based solely on ethnicity, gender, age, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation.

Discrimination happens when someone is treated worse (in legal terms, ‘less favourably’)

than another person in the same situation. Discrimination may happen in many

situations:at work, at school, at home.

Equal opportunity practices a lot of initiatives that have the goal of giving all person an

equal chance to an education and employment, and to protect their civil right, regardless

of their race, religious beliefs, or gender . Nowadays there are various minority groups

have been fighting for equal opportunity, like civil right movement, equal protection of

the laws.

It isn’t acceptable that some people can’t have a normal life only because have different

color of skin or different age, in fact for the law all human being must have the same

right without difference. For example equal employment opportunity cannot be refused

any person because of his/her racial group or perceived racial group, his/her race-linked

characteristics (e.g.,hair texture, color, facial features), or because of his/her marriage to

or association with someone of a particular race or color.

There a lot of assicciations with the aim to help combat racism and promote a culture of

respect and equality among high school students, but also, I think between people of all

country, religions and several cultures and traditions. Women are those that have

received and they receive still discrimination on the work’s right that the

woman and men must have the equal pay for equal work in the same etablishment, also

we need protected the pregnant woman in fact an employer cannot refuse to hire a

pregnant woman.

There are many situations where woman are treated less favourable than the man. For

example at job , work. In particular there are some country like Afghanistan, Africa

where woman and the chilld are victime of violence also at home.




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Corso di laurea: Corso di laurea in lingue e letterature straniere
Università: Verona - Univr
A.A.: 2008-2009

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