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Inglese - refining composition skills - Appunti

Appunti di Inglese sull'affinamento della capacità di composizione (refining composition skills). Viene spiegato come affinare le nostre capacità di composizione in lingua inglese. Gli argomenti trattati sono: the writing process (prewriting, drafting and revising.)

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The writing process

The process of writing is composed of these stages: prewriting, drafting and revising.

In the prewriting stage, writers take time to think about their topic and

generate ideas. There are different kind of techniques one of these is: brainstorming. A

brainstorm is a sudden insight or connection. It’s a way to associate ideas and stimulate

thinking. Another one could be the freewriting, writing without stopping. It means writing

whatever comes to your mind without worrying about whether the ideas are good or the

grammar is correct. Its purpose is to free up your mind to let in make association and

connections. After the writers have generated ideas about their topic, they focus their

ideas on a main point and develop the plan for a paragraph. Drafting is

writing of the paragraph or essay. The first

draft of a piece of writing is really just a place to start. Revising is usually broken down in

two parts: revising , or changing the content and the organization of the paragraph or essay,

and editing the sentences and words in it. It’s also useful to use a revision checklist that

could compose of following items: add, cut, replace and move material around.

Once you are satisfied with the content , you’ll want to turn your attention to

the form, with how you express your ideas. As a last step is proofread your paper. Read

the paper to find any errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation.

A paragraph is a group of sentences that develop an

idea or a topic and the first of this group is indented. The topic of a paragraph is usually

introduced in a sentence, this sentence is called the topic sentence. Each sentence with a

paragraph should relate to the topic and develop the controlling idea. If any sentence

doesn’t relate to or develop that area, it is irrelevant and should be omitted from the

paragraph. Another element that a paragraph need is coherence. A coherent paragraph

contains sentences that are logically arranged and flow smoothly. It is important quality of

writing. There area principally two type of writing: narration and process types.

During a narration is useful that description is so vivid to recreates the same sensation in

the readers. Another important step in writing an essay is giving many examples

to supporting the controlling idea. The order about giving example could be:

Order of importance: Saving the best for the last.

Order of familiarity: from the more familiar to the less familiar




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