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Appunti del corso di "Applied measurement techniques", tenuto dal Prof. L.Scalise, a.a. 2016-2017, dal nuovo corso di laurea tenuto interamente in lingua inglese in "Biomedical Engineering", UNIVPM. Appunti basati su appunti personali del publisher presi alle lezioni del prof.

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since the procedure consisted of pointing, waiting for echo, accomplishing an angular displacement,

stabilizing, and then reiterating again this procedure for each acquisition. At the actual state of the art

sequential linear arrays are the most common, because they produce squared images, and phased array

transducer like the convex one in which the hundred and more transducers are used to explore left and right

without any mechanical means. In fact, with a specifically designed electronics, it is possible to tilt the

pointing beam.

The ultrasound imaging is based on pulsing US which has several advantages. Firstly, it is impossible to detect

clearly an echoed wave if the piezoelectric element continuously oscillates under the action of a continuous

periodic voltage: in fact, the rebounded wave will shuffle with the own oscillations of the piezo, becoming

undetectable. With a well-shaped damper and small duration pulses (“fractions” of waves), this problem is

readily solved. Then secondly, for each pulsed wave there would be several echoes with different delays and

intensities: if these detected measurements are quite similar, it is quite possible they stem from the same

obstacle and not for instance by diffusion or diffraction phenomena. Repeatability is a quite fundamental

property of every measurement system, and it is the way to control that the recorded signal is effectively

produced by the wave impinging with the obstacle. The duration of the pulse is called pulse duration (PD)

and it represent the period of the emitted wave by the number of launched oscillations:





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Corso di laurea: Corso di laurea magistrale in biomedical engineering
A.A.: 2017-2018

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