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John Niven, The sunshine cruise company

The sunshine cruise company is an exciting, funny comedy book written by the Scottish writer John Niven. The story follows the misadventures of a group of above suspicion old ladies. First, Susan Forbisher, who, at the death of her husband, finds out that he was not only a swinger, but has also left her deep into debt.
Then, Julie Wickham, an old friend of hers, who struggles to pay her living by working in a council house. Both almost at the age of sixty, they decide to do something to change their lives: robbing a bank and escaping with the money to build a new life. To do this, they ask for help to Nails, an old friend of Julie’s, a former criminal expert in robbing, together with Ethel, a patient of the council where Julie works, and another woman whose child is desperately in need of special medical treatment. trama in inglese di un libro recenteMiraculously, the robbing goes well, and the old ladies suddenly find themselves escaping from the police and travelling through Europe with millions of pounds in the bag.
This is a fast-moving, engaging novel perfect for your summer reading, with a surprising plot and entertaining language. The only side effect is that you will laugh all the time, so make sure you are not in a public place before starting reading it!

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