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Costruzione di una città ideale (in inglese)
Ideal city
This city is located in Brianza, at north respect Milan, far 40 Km from the latter. The town is located in the eastern branch of the lake, on the left bank of the river , and at the south of mountain. The job opportunities in this town are many: metalworker with the steel bars, tour operator, engineering, shopkeeper, business consultant, and other... . Thanks to its fantastic view, the city has always been a destination for painter, writers, scientists and other kinds of famous people. The town is divided in variously kinds of areas: INDUSTRIAL AREA COMMERCIAL AREA RESIDENTIAL AREA FREE TIME and ENTERTAINMENT AREA In each area there are public garden, that help the sustainability of the city and the health of the inhabitants. In this city, every sunday the city is divided in limited traffic zones, where you cant't used the car or the motorbike around the town, but you must used the public transport, the bike or only your foot, because, in this way, the city fight the pollution. The residential area is divided into different zones: the suburbs, where you can find many kinds of normal condominium with small apartments; then there is the affluent neighborhood, where there are semi-detached villas and great house; and finally you can find the rich district, that is formed by a long way where there are big villas. Here every building is equipped with solar panels that helps its owners with energy saving . The commercial area is very very developed: here there is a lot of small shops where you can find and buy all that you want and there is a big mall, with a large parking, where there is a market of the famous supermarket chain Carrefour. In the industrial area there are a lot of factories, industrial buildings, but the most important industry produces and exports steel bars all over the Europe. Here there is a building for waste disposal, that divided the rubbish according to the materials of wich is made, and then, if they can be recycled, it do it; also you can find the recycling system of wastewater, where the water of the city is cleaned and than it is recirculated into the water tubes to be reused. The entertainment and the free time area are united and they are near the lake: here you can pratice many activities, play volleyball, basketball and soccer, walk or ride your bike around the lake thanks to the bycicles path, and other activities, because there are many facilities that help you to do these.
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