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Supernatural events

The term supernatural derives from latin super (above) and natura ( nature ) and pertains to events, power that we can’t explain with the laws of the natural world.
Magical and occult ideas are often associated with supernatural themes.
Before the scientific method was used, everything was believed have a supernatural causes, like atmospheric events, fire, rainbows, the origin of the live.

Today legendary characters such as vampires, angels, ghosts, aliens, clairvoyance, telepathy, clairvoyance special sort of power, other special events would be considered supernatural.
The Crop Circles move people all over the world.

Are these a paranormal explanation?
They are geometrically perfect, concentrated in the south of England, near Stonehenge and Silbury Hill.
People say the circles are made by alien space ships.
Perhaps farmers are making the circles themselves.
Some people asserts that miracles, other supernatural events are real, verifiable.

Maybe it could be but I think that supernatural doesn’t exist: it’s an human invention.
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