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Governments should make cultural investment a priority

The world in which we live today has undergone an outstanding progress in the last few decades, especially in technology and industry. However, something that has been left aside during this process of digitalization of the world, is culture. While technology is improving everyday more, culture - like art, literature and music - has not received very much attention.

Certainly, the production of art, literature and music still plays a huge role in our lives, but other than that, these aspects of our society have lost some of their importance to the eyes of governments, because in the past years all of our governments' efforts and finances have been put into technological progress. There is the need for a more culturally concerned country, a nation whose main task is to keep its heritage from falling apart.
It is my feeling that cultural investment should be made a priority, because unlike technology, culture is nearly eternal, and investing on its preservation is not a waste of money. I think that the first step to achieve this objective is to educate people to respect their cultural heritage and to raise awareness of the risks of its loss; then, they should go on to finance the different cultural activities, such as museums and theatres, in order to preserve and provide people access to all those elements that create the culture of a country.

To sum up, I believe it is necessary that governments provide cultural activities with enough financial resources due to the great amount of knowledge they carry with them, and with that, to ensure the survival of an entire country' s knowledge. Culture is an essential part of our lives, so we should care more about its preservation.
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