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The American Revolution

When George III came to the throne, Great Britain had the control of the seas and was living in a period of peace. the relationship with colonies was not good why they were not in parliament representatives, however, the British wanted to tax them. After the fight in Lexington has been approved the declaration of independence.
England quickly recovered from the loss of the thirteen American colonies. the new prime minister, William Pitt the younger, promoted a policy of financial stability, and reorganized the administration of both Great Britain and the colonies. immense new territories were in the meantime coming under British control.
Since there was the French revolution, started English social unrest. Workers needed a parliamentary reform and there were punitive measures and many people died. The right to vote was extended to most of the middle class, but not for women.
Other reforms were:
the factory acts/the abolition of slavery 1833 a new system of national education
in the second half of the eighteenth century there is a widespread feeling the pre-romantic and with it the predilection for the night, terror and fantasies.
The romantic revolution:
any assessment of the literature and art of the romantic age must begin with the French revolution. The impact was immense, in its first phase, all the romantic writers were in favor of it but after the enthusiasm has been curbed. This revolutionary spirit has led to the desire for freedom and criticize the system.
at the end of the 18th century the novel was already a well defined popular genre. The romantic novel: involv in a social situation relations between different people and classes
Dialogue was greatly improved and extended.
We have an example of the Gothic novel with the castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole, a complicated plot centered on a young innocent woman persecuted by a villain; a mixture of realistic details and legends; old ruins and night scenes; mystery and horror.
With the novel of manners: we have authors such as Jane Austen, her best novels are set in provincial middle-class England and are centered on love stories between genteel young women and men.
The novel of purpose of propagating ideas-especially social and political ones following the French revolution.
In the historical novel. actions and lives of characters are intertwined to historical events. He set a model that European writers, including Alessandro Manzoni.
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