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Public Figure
I think that public figure is a person who is an idol for other people, known by all people.
There are three types of public figure:

o Public figure, a person who has achieved fame, such as movie star, singer, dancer. ( Robbie Williams)

o All-purpose public figure, a person who occupies a position with great power, like politician.
( Margaret Thacher)

o Limited-purpose public figure, a person who has achieved notoriety in relation to the particular public issue in which is involved, ad example the parents of a girl that was killed. ( Anna Maria Franzoni )

You can find public figure’s life on TV, on the Internet, on the magazines, everywhere.
They haven’t privacy, the “paparazzi” always photograph them, especially when they are on holiday with their family or with their partners.
We are informed about the love story between public figures (the footballer Vieri and Elisabetta Canalis).

In my opinion privacy is very important, I won’t my life to be known in all the world by everybody.
Certainly celebrities are very rich, they have big houses in some countries, they have a cast of professional that edit their imagine, they go around the world.

Actually in Italy the most famous person is Silvio
Berlusconi, a politician, the prime minister, also he is one of the richest person in the world.

The Pope, who represents the catholic church, has a lot of notoriety as well “The Times”, an English newspaper, thinks that he isn’t among the people most fames.

Bush, the American president, occupies a powerful position : he influences all the countries, ( like the war in Iran) .

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