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When I was five I joined the Yamaha music school in Rome. At the beginning I wanted to play drums but I was too young and I didn’t have a place where I could play them without being heard, as they make a lot of noise. So, I had to change instrument and I decided to play the piano and I finally attend a Junior course. My first teacher’s name was Barbara. She was funny and also a good teacher and she was never angry. She taught me to play my first pieces with both hands. Now, when we meet she always smiles at me and I smile back. While I was attending EMC school I had to change course because Tania couldn’t teach me the next one. My next teacher’s name was Nicoletta, Barabara’s sister. She was less funny than Tania but she was also a good teacher. She taught me to play difficult pieces and to write the music. A few months ago while I was having a piano lesson my teacher asked me if I wanted to join a jazz course, and I accepted.

I was very happy to take part at this project because I really like jazz music. At my first lesson I was nervous because I didn’t know the teacher, but when I met him I found out that he was nice and I didn't need to worry about him and my jazz lessons anymore. Every year, in June, the school organizes a concert where every students plays a different song with a different instrument. It’s a wonderful sensation because I like listening to the sound of all the instruments but when I have to perform I get worried because I’m afraid of making mistakes. Fortunately at the end I didn’t make any mistakes and I played better than I imagined. Next month we are going to play our final concert in Naples. I’m sure it’s going to be great. I like my piano so much, it’s beautiful and also very important to me because it’s a gift from my grandparents which they gave me three years ago. It’s a black Yamaha piano with eighty-eight white keys.
I remember it was a Sunday and I was sleeping when my father woke me up telling me that there was a surprise waiting for me . I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this big black beautiful piano. I will never forget that day. I go to my lessons once a week on Tuesdays but I also go sometimes on other days when extra work has to be done. When I go to a lesson I feel very happy because I have a good time with my friends. They are four and they are also very good at playing. At the lesson I must pay lots of attention and listen to my teacher because if I don’t listen carefully I won’t be able to play properly .
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