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Three years ago, I started studying Biology at University because have always been fascinated by this subject. I like everything about my studies and every day I learn a lot of important things about our lives and about our human body, and it’s great because I’m a very curious girl. During my studies I deal with lots of obstacles, because every word has Its particular meaning so I find myself studying many new expressions, which are very complicated and they seem to be tongue twisters . They also have to be pronounced in a different way. Now this “New” language is a part of me and I can talk use them with my colleagues in quite a natural way. I’d love to work in a research center because I would like to find cures for all diseases that surround us and remedies to reduce environmental pollution. Diseases are caused by both genetic mutation and all the poisons in the food and beverages that we ingest. Unfortunately due to the crisis there aren't enough funds and millions of people every day die. We shouldn't use too many soaps, we shouldn't waste too much water when we wash our body, we should walk a lot or we should use eco-friendly transport, we shouldn't use too many medicines when we cultivate the fields, we should use less plastic, etc.
We should take more care of our planet. My job is very hard because I have to stand for long hours, I have to perform perfectly all the procedures for analyzing samples, even a small mistake would get the wrong results. I have to use gloves, a mask, goggles, hood vent, overall, in order not to contaminate the samples and I must be careful not to infect myself. My job is also fantastic and sometimes I also have fun as I use many bright and phosphorescent colors. The best comes when I use the microscopes, I can see a miniature world made of many cells with a variety of strange shapes. I hope I’ll became a good Biologist, I would like my parents to be proud of me, because they always say that I don’t do enough, they think this is the best way to encourage me, but they discourage me, in fact due to their way of acting I’m a very insecure girl. When I work I’m afraid of making mistakes, I’m never relaxed and my hands often shake.
I would like to work abroad because I like traveling a lot, I would rather work in Australia than in Italy. When I was a child I spent a lot time with my father, he is a doctor. When I didn't go to school I was always with him, I went to people’s home because my father had to visit them, he always had with him his stethoscope , and I enjoyed watching him listening to people breathing, controlling their throats and measuring their blood pressure. I have always admired my father because he helps the sick, in fact I wanted to become a doctor. Unfortunately my father has changed,me from his life and he has forbidden me to study medicine. He said that it wasn't a job for me, I have suffered a lot because I loved being with him and I wanted to learn; He destroyed my dream.
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