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Dangers of Alcohol

Bullies, drugs, teenagers in breathlessness and adults panicked, communication stuttering and mismanagement of conflicts that degenerate, in short a drag effect that absolves anyone, not even create the basis for new drama.
We are used to seeing and thinking to the effects caused by drugs, that chemical compounds, derivatives of substances by bizarre names, and we do not notice what is going on and winning the world over to the foundations of our first class company.
Maybe it's time to say that alcohol is a drug just like any other sister, affects the mind, heart and body, like any given substance.
At bus stops, pubs, disco, people are with bottle in hand, with spinel in the mouth, with the pouch in briefs, without needing to cover their face, their eyes reddened, there is freedom to show what you are not, there is free and there is free suicide murder, so there is freedom as a prostitute.
It is a play in which the actors recite the Unscripted, the "Director" of the round does not make the case to this way of proceeding, when it's a bit alarmed, he puts some stake, rule, standard, so the actors suddenly kids, lose control, teenage and adult bottle glasses exchange places, everybody plays the role of the other, no one is able to advise the other at least to accompany him home, if not exactly safe.

Alcohol is not regarded as a real drug, there is awareness of the physical and psychic breakdown that proxy, of numerous disappearances caused by its use and abuse, yet this is an urgent problem to take head-on, not only through the usual virtual billboards, a kind of lace to be paid to the consumption, trade, to its sale almost immeasurable.
Drugs-alcohol doesn't just consume people to the bone, therapeutic communities filled with alcoholics, prisons full of people with dual diagnosis, from psychic devastation, disruptive depressions, there is evidence of this veritable social plague.
Recently we have much less alcoholic beverages, slogans and many enhance the good wine, good beer, concoctions and other compositions, and cheers to "drinking and living a hundred years".
It is enough to cross the gates of a therapeutic community, take a visit to the spaces and corridors of the House of the young (this is why I insist on saying that it is important to continue to invite schools from elementary, high school, universities), to realize what kind of enemy we are talking about, what kind of killer we're discussing, what macabre game, the massacre we are witnessing.
Perhaps the time has come to find a possible balance, beginning with proper communication, which does not get used to the "critical circumstances, critical events" encrypted declensions not easy reading, so as not to alarm the public too when a youngstar comes into ethyl coma or abandoned us forever.

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