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I’ve bred dogs since I was a child, because my family has bred and trained dogs for two generations. We have a kennel in Rome, the name is “Dog’s World” where we have many dogs of different breeds but the dog I prefer is the German Shepherd to other breeds, because they are very smart dogs, they are of medium size, and they are fast and strong.
It is very difficult to train a dog without the professional help of a trainer. Dog trainers must have a lot of patience with dogs and with their owners too. In Italy, you need to pass 15 exams to become a trainer, and I became a trainer in 2003. Since then I have trained many dogs and I’ve taken part at a lot of competitions. A training session usually begins with the main commands which are: “sit” for the sitting position, “down” for the down position, ” stay” to remain stationary and “come here” to recall the dog. When I was twenty I had a very special dog, his name was Conan. I trained him for three years. That period was very difficult also because I started university. I got up at six in the morning to train him and after I went to university, in the afternoon my free time I spent with him and in the evening I studied. Nevertheless we have won the Italian championship twice, in 2005 and in 2006 (Two Thousand and Five Two Thousand and Six). In this period I'm training a German Shepherd dog, her name is Rufus, She has won three races between March and May, and now I’m training her for the German championship in August and the Italian championship in September. The German championship is more difficult than the Italian one, I think I will arrive at the top ten in The German championship while I hope to win the Italian one. My fiancée, Barbara, didn’t like dogs because she was afraid of them. To get her use to dogs I gave her a Yorkshire puppy, her name is Peggy. Now Barbara likes all dogs and in the future she thinks she will get a German Shepherd too and maybe we will move in together
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