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I have always wanted to go on a ship cruise, so my father decided to take us on a Mediterranean cruise last summer. We got up at 7 o’clock ,packed an our suitcases and went to Naples Port. As soon as we arrived ,we loaded the suitcases on the ship and the staff assigned us the cabins. I was very excited it was my first time on a ship !The cabin was very nice and comfortable, it had 4 beds a TV and a bathroom. After arranging all our things, we went to have breakfast. There was a huge buffet with many things to eat .On the ship there was also a swimming pool, lots of shops, a gym, a spa and a theatre. The restaurant was very big and well furnished with beautiful chandeliers. The waiters were very kind , our personal waiter spoke Italian. In the evening we had dinner and saw a beautiful show. The 2nd day we disembarked in Palermo, Sicily , we walked through the streets and saw a lot of people , mainly tourists. Some local people were driving colored wheel barrows pulled by horses , which is a typical Sicilian means of transport . After visiting the main monuments, we stopped in a confectionary to buy the typical Sicilian dessert , called “cannoli”, they were delicious! My father took a photo of me near the statue of Saint Rosalia , the saint patron of the city because my name is Rosalia. When we went back to the ship I was very tired, so we sat for a while on the benches and watched the amazing panorama . The next day we stayed on the ship because our next destination was Barcelona, so it took us one day to get there . It was fun staying on the ship . I went to the swimming pool, I sunbathed ,I read a book and relaxed .That same evening there was a jazz show that lasted 2 hours !It was great! During the dinner there was a lot off people , because it was a special dinner with dancers and singers . We visited Barcelona with its beautiful cathedral La Sagrata familla and the ramblas ,where there were many street artist . The following day we went to Palma De Maiorca, we visited the medieval castle , the Basilica of St.Francesco and the Cathedral of Santa Maria. That night we were so tired that we went straight to bed. We also visited Marsiglia and its castle. The last day our ship , because of the strong wind, broke down , so it had to be repaired , but lucky we arrived to destination , Savona, a city in Liguria, and finally back home to Naples. Next year i hope i’ll go on a holiday with my fiancé, I would like to visit Cuba because I think it’s amazing but also Paris because I think it ‘s very romantic! This time I’ll fly because i have never travelled by plane , and I hope I’ll experience new emotions.

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