Video appunto: Multiculturalism
The multicultural coexistence is one of the great challenges that the twenty-first century.
Western men are disintegrating their cultural identity, through the indifference of those values ​​that distinguished it from other countries, such as Christianity, family, love, freedom. When you do not conserve its culture is actually a company in crisis: who does not defend its identity is none.

In fact, mass migration have determined the presence of new elements: traditions, cultures, social ideas, different religions, in the same territory.
Each nation defends its traditions as a fundamental part of their history and identity, considering them essential, in any context you are, for this reason these difference can be promoter of struggle and racism.
The preservation of the many cultural differences in a multiethnic environment should be based on the comparison and integration among the different cultures and populations: diversity should not be considered as a threat but an asset and a value. There is no more important than other cultures, each country has a heritage that is an expression of historical and socio-political changes.
World is so beautiful because of differences. We should accept them them too!
Despite all the differences, all people are equal and all people have some rights which must be universally respected.