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Laundry work

Clothes are garments, dresses or articles worn on the body. Our clothes and every other thing we out on the body in order to protect and beautify it, make up our clothing. Our clothing therefore include our clothes, jewellery , make-up, shoes, hand bags and other accessories. Your clothing influences your appearance. Clothing is very important for health.
It is therefore a basic human need. There are many reasons why we wear clothes. There are also certain points that must be considered when choosing clothes. Clothes are aso very expensive. It is therefore necessary that we take good care of our clothes.

Laundry is the process of washing and finishing our clothes. Finishing can be done by ironing or pressing.

Simple laundry equipment
These can be classified into:
1. Equipment foe washing: three include aluminum or plastic buckets and basins, laundry sinks or tubs. These can be used for soaking and washing. Washing machines are also available. Laundry brushes are used for washing thick and heavily soiled articles.

2. Equipments for boiling: include special pots and tongs for turning the clothes.

3. Equipments for drying: include plastic or wooden pegs, clothes lines etc.

4. Equipments for finishing: these include irons, ironing pads, boards, etc.
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