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Tuesday: The Scinnenza is a kind of theatrical performance that takes place on the downtown streets and recalling the moments of the Cross. Accompanied by bands, actors recall the various moments of the Passion of Jesus, culminating in actual Scinnenza, or the removal of Jesus from the cross. Wednesday morning Real Maestranza: parade the streets of all categories of workers are nineteen Varicedde The statuary groups that are carried in procession on the evening of Holy Wednesday. Sixteen of these are merely reproductions of the sixteen smaller Vare, in addition, three other groups depicting scenes of Christ's passion. Thursday: The Vare are sixteen groups of statues which are carried in procession on the evening of Holy Thursday, in what is by far the highlight of Holy Week Caltanissetta, and that made it famous worldwide. At about 21.00 hours, when all groups have reached their position, forming a circle around the Triton Fountain, the procession begins and the first group, Dinner starts running. Finally, around 5:00 am, the Vare again all you have to Piazza Garibaldi and, after the manly act of final fireworks begin at diperdersi wildly in every direction to return to places where they are stored, resulting in " Spartenza. Friday: Black Christ, Lord of the city, is a wooden statue of ebony which is carried in procession on the evening of Good Friday. Its origin is uncertain, but it seems that this statue is the work of a sculptor, but rather a simple devotee, as evidenced by some notable disproportion in the body of Christ. The procession begins at sundown, when the Black Christ is barely out the gate of the Lord's Church of the City. And waiting, beyond the many faithful, there is the Real Maestranza completo.La statue topped by a golden canopy and heavy, all the way, is carried on shoulders by Fogliamari and followed by many faithful barefoot. Throughout the journey, the balconies and windows are covered with purple and covered, apart from the lament is difficult to hear another sound, that breaks the atmosphere of devotion that is built around the procession.
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