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Information Society

I’m going to talk about how society and customs have been modified by telecommunication, that allow to transfer information over distance to communicate everywhere you are. Nobody could imagine what telecommunication could have allowed to do. When I asked my father the world before, he answered me that It’s still difficult to metabolize the quickly changing take place in the last 40 years due to telecommunication. He said that’s is difficult adapting to change in progresses well.I believe the main point is the concept of speed: the society is accelerated; it run fast and you are not able to keep up new technology that are created and put on the market so quickly. The effect is a dynamic society.
A look to the past helps to understand that the rise of radio, phone, TV have absolutely changed the world. Telephones have allowed to listen the voice without seeing person, to keep in touch with your relative in the other part of world. Nowadays it may seem today, but it was unthinkable that time. The next thing was TV that give you information, allow to know and show you what happens in the world in real time.Anyway, the greatest invention in the field of communication was internet. It’s global net in which you chose what you need any time you want. I mean it’s like a big available box and you chose the moment, you chose what you are going to find.You don’t have to watch or listen things that are transmitted , basically you are the main actor.
Internet is became the way to work : you don’t have to go in a place to work, your house became your place for work customs are changed, you can work in your house, you just need a But all this interesting things are changed our lifestyle. I mean nowadays society forced to use internet to book plane tickets of some fly company; to book and pay certain hotels.This behavior is increasing thank this global net: more things you can do just through internet. It’s became a thing that cannot avoid: some people became slaves of the net.
I firmly believe we should sit down and think how this extraordinary way of communication is a new socialize place as well. People know each other, keep in touch, use social network. The social network is the new trend of the moment. It’s like a modern square: people chatting , have meeting thanks to it. Where is the pleasure of meeting, touching people going ? It’s disappearing. That’s is the bad other side of internet and telecommunication.
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