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I consider myself a lucky girl because I have visited many European cities as my parents adore traveling. I started traveling when I was 3 years old and I like traveling like my father. On these holidays we have a very good time and we like eating local food. In each place I like visiting monuments, listening to local music, and learning different cultures. In my home there are lots of souvenirs which I brought from my holidays, like magnets, the national coins and notes like Czech crowns and pounds. In each place I’ve visited I’ve found different climates and I hope to continue traveling to know other continents. A few months ago I visited Prague in the Czech Republic. I stayed in a hotel with my parents and the hotel was near Carle’s bridge. We went by plane and we stayed for three days. We visited the clock tower famous for the procession of the apostles coming out from the clock face while the clock is ringing . Prague is full of castles illuminated at night, and it looks like a fairy tale city. The typical food of Prague is ham with lots of potatoes and onions and the typical drink is a kind of beer called “pivo”. In August I went to Poland by plane. I stayed with my family in a religious institute in Cracovia. I had to be to very quiet while staying in the convent! In Cracovia we visited the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy with lots of nuns, and the largest square in Europe, called Market square. Near Cracovia we went to visit Wadivice, the birthplace of Pope John Paul II . We went to visit his house with his statue. In Czestochowa I saw the Sanctuary of the Black Madonne with the Jesus child. We also visited the salt mine of Wieliczka 327 meters deep where we saw the underground salt cathedral and lots of statues. We met two friends. With them we visited Auschwitz and Birkenau, the Jewish extermination camps . In November I went to Bordeaux with my Parents by plane. We stayed in a hotel in the main square near the opera house. Bordeaux is crossed by the River Garonne and there is the highest dune in Europe called Dune de pyla. It is around 100 meters high and 500 meters wide and 3km long , the dune overlooks the Atlantic ocean. Bordeaux is rich in medieval bells, in fact I call it the city of bells. I went to Belgium by plane with my in December family. While we were visiting Brugge, a small city it started snowing and the bridges over the canals were covered with snow , In Brugge there is a very big square with a skating rink. After Brugge we went to Bruxelles. The symbol of the city is a child that does a pee called MannekenPis that changes clothes every month. Bruxelles is full of ancient castles, so if you go to Bruxelles, you (4) must visit the castels, they are amazing!. We saw the European Parlament and the European Council. This trip was very interesting.In February my parents and I went to Germany. We visited Colonia and Berlin. In Colonia we visited many museums. The perfume museum and the chocolate museum with fountains of chocolate. We also visited the Cathedral of St. Peter and Mary. It is the third Highest in the world and second in Germany. It is very beautiful . We also visited Beethoven’s house. His house is very small and it has become a museum for tourists. After four hours by train we arrived in Berlin where I saw the famous Berlin Wall. It was snowing, we walked to Alexander Place with lots of shops and Harrods. It is very big and beautiful. We saw the Brandenburg Gate on a very long road, where at the end there is a column with a very big beautiful gold angel. In this trip I saw many ancient monuments. I’m going to America next month with my family to see other interesting things. I’m so excited!

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