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My best Holidays

In my life i traveled a lot because it is very interesting and fun. I've visited many countries like Jamaica,Cuba, England, Germany, France, Spain, Egypt but the holiday in America was the best; indeed if i had to choose a place to go, i would like to go back to America! I left Italy on the 12th of June with some people who I never met before.

After the meeting at the airport we took the airplane and the flight was very comfortable. When we arrived the first thing i saw was the Statue of Liberty while we were going to the college where we had to stay.In the first week we learned how to live there and how to have fun! If you go to New York, you will really like the skyscrapers we had lesson in the morning and trips in the afternoon in New York where we could shop and spend our free time and it was very excited. in the second week we had a great time because we could go out with our Spanish and American friends and have fun in the Mall or somewhere. The lesson in the morning was very good because i learned new words and how i spoke English better.
At the lunch time we were surprised about the food because we aren't use to eating so much in morning in Italy but they ate everything and it was very strange but we ate just healthy food like vegetables and fruit.During this holiday i visited many buildings like the Empire State Building,one of the most important in NY,and museums too like Metropolitan Museum.I had really great time there because I was for a member of another society for 2 weeks and it was very beautiful. So i think i'll go back there again.Indeed I’m going to Wisconsin for a year because i have to study there and live with an American family where i can improve my English and have a lot of experiences. I hope i'll have a good time there too and i'll enjoy this study year!
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