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Giorno che mi ha cambiato la vita

When I was a child, I lived in Ciampino, near Rome, for many years because my family moved there in 1978 as my father worked in the military airport of this town. In my family there are four persons:, my brother Domenico, my father Pasquale my mother Rosa and I. I was five years old, and my brother Domenico ten when we left Ciampino. We both went to school there and we had lots of friends. I remember my house, which was near a church and a park so we often went there to play with other children . My grandparent’s are from Rome, so, about twice a month, we came back here to see them. My mother particularly missed her parents; moreover, during the years when we lived in Ciampino some unfortunate events happened to them and living far made it very difficult to look after them. This was the main reason for which my parents decided to come back to Rome. The last day in Ciampino was very sad above all for my brother Domenico; when we set off, he was ten years and he went to the elementary school so he had to break up from his friends and his teachers.
After all these years, he has tried also to get in touch with them but it’s very difficult. I don’t remember very much about that period except that my father bought us lots of presents to cheer us up. Since then, I’ve never returned to Ciampino, but my parents are still in touch with some friends and last year they were invited over for a reunion. Some of the children who used to play with me, are now married and other are engaged; I hope to see them soon, when they were there, they went to see our first house and they told me that everything was still the same. Surely, the day of our departure was a very sad day because I had to leave all my friends and teachers to start a new life in a place that I hardly new. Today, even if I have grown up here, I can say that I prefer living in a small tidy place like Ciampino rather than a big noisy one like Rome. Anyway, I’m sure that soon I will go back there or maybe move to Rome, for a job so I’ll be able to see my house again, my school and my old dear friends.
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