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Some of the answers of the children are of reflection, but despiting being automated are still perfected during learning. According to some psychologists, behaviorists most actions are learned over the hooks, through the forms of classical conditioning or working.
Source of classical conditioning are present in our daily lives, as well as instrumental conditioning or working, which is derived from the process of socialization.
The theories arising from behaviorism are called "theories". According to this point of view the various behaviors are the fruits of years of learning, both for imitation that for air conditioning.
Just by learning the child learns the concept formation. One can therefore say that learning theories out the link between development, experience and environment.
The behaviorists have shown in the development of the child, the role played by the environmental factor:
some research has shown the ability to "change" the environment, resulting in a change of behavior.

To dating, however, this method is not very effective to understand the stages of cognitive development, like as it works hand in hand with ages, it takes into account environmental factors, biological factors and other various factors.

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