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I’ve always wanted to become a crime investigator since I was young because I have always lived near a police station , so I always loved watching the policemen and policewomen in their uniforms and in their cars when they drove out for emergencies. But this passion has increased also watching police films as CSI New York, Miami and Italian series like Distretto di Polizia and also RIS, but I prefer American series to Italian ones because I think they are more realistic. I like this job for many reasons, first of all because you investigate on criminals that have harmed other people and also because if you get to investigate on a serial killer, by finding out who the criminal is you will save other lives , as serial killers kill more than just one victim. At first my family thought that this was a man’s job and that it’s also a bit dangerous, because a criminal could harm me, but after so many discussions I have convinced them that I would like at least to try.

My parents know that I’m a very careful girl, so they have changed their mind; and I hope that they will support me…always! Even if I love this job a lot, I’m a bit afraid because sometimes people die during investigations on dangerous crimes, so in order to protect myself I think that I should start a self defense course like karate or judo, in order to be ready when I finish my high school and start an investigation course, maybe at the police academy in Rome. Criminology is the science that studies crime. You learn it at university, where you study among other subjects also chemistry and biology because when you investigate on a crime, you have to pay attention to all tracks or you must exanimate a victim of a murder. After High School I would like to go to the police academy in Rome and learn all techniques to become a perfect crime investigator. Nowadays criminology is easier than it was in the past because modern technology, such as specific computers that exanimate fingerprints, permit to discover easily murders and crimes. I think that that the United States , is more advanced in this field, because they have better and updated equipments. So maybe one day I’ll go to America and study there!!!
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