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Tour of Canada

In the province of Ontario, with a population of more than three million is the largest city in Canada. Because of the large number of ethnic groups speaking which live there(80 different groups speaking 100 different languages), Toronto is considered the most multinational city in the world. It is very modern city, with lots of tall glass and steel towers and pyramids.
Go to the top of the Cn Tower, a huge tv aerial about 600 metres high, to enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Ontario and get a glimpse of the Niagara Falls. As a financial, commercial and manufacturing centre, Toronto is the business capital of Canada.

Is the nation’s capital and the centre of political life. Situated on the border between Ontario and Quebec, it is the second largest city in Ontario. Here you can visit the neo-Ghotic Parliament Buildings and see the Canadian Mounties training their horses.
The province of Quebec was the first part of Canada to be inhabited by Europeans. In fact, French explorers and settler built the two main cities in Quebec: Montreal and Quebec City.


Is the second largest city in Canada, and it is a very important financial and manufacturing centre. The majority f Montreal citizens are of French origin and speak French as their mother-tongue. Montreal is a mixture of old and new, with modern skyscrapers and shopping centers alongside Renaissance-style and neo-Ghotic buildings. But what makes Montreal unique is the vast underground city with its shops, restaurant, cinemas and cafes and 27 km of tunnels, all planned to protect people from Montreal’s icy winters.
The city of Quebec has even stronger French flavor. Since it was founded in 1608, it has always kept its French characteristic. Today only 4% of its population do not speak French. Here you can visit some historical 19th century buildings, such as the Parliament Building in neo-Renaissance style.

After experiencing historic Canada, why not fly to the Pacific Coast, to get a taste of western Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia? Vancouver is another multicultural city. It is only one hundred years old yet its population is now about one and a half million. Many of its inhabitants are of Asian origin and the city has its own Chinatown and Chinese gardens. Vancouver enjoys a very pleasant climate as it is sheltered by the coastal mountains and benefits from warm wins from the Pacific.
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