Maturità 2018, simulazione seconda prova Inglese: AFM - Relazioni Internazionali per il Marketing

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Se state cercando una simulazione seconda prova maturità 2018 per l'istituto tecnico Amministrazione Finanza e Marketing, art. Relazioni Internazionali per il Marketing, di Lingua Inglese, vi proponiamo un esempio di prova redatta direttamente dal Miur e pubblicata nell'aprile 2016. Scopri la traccia ufficiale!

Simulazione seconda prova Inglese Amministrazione Finanza Marketing - Relazioni Internazionali per il Marketing

PART 1: Reading Comprehension

This five-year marketing plan for Blue Sky Clothing has been created by its two founders to secure additional funding for growth and to inform employees of the company’s current status and direction.
Although Blue Sky was launched only three years ago, the firm has experienced greater-than-anticipated demand for its products, and research has shown that the target market of sport-minded consumers and sports retailers would like to buy more casual clothing than Blue Sky currently offers. They are also interested in extending their product line as well as adding new product lines. In addition, Blue Sky plans to explore opportunities for online sales. The marketing environment has been very receptive to the firm’s high-quality goods—casual clothing in trendy colors with logos and slogans that reflect the interests of outdoor enthusiasts around the country. Over the next five years, Blue Sky can increase its distribution, offer new products, and win new customers.

Blue Sky Clothing was founded three years ago by entrepreneurs Lucy Neuman and Nick Russell. Neuman has an undergraduate degree in marketing and worked for several years in the retail clothing industry. Russell operated an adventure business called Go West! which arranges group trips to locations in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, before selling the enterprise to a partner. Neuman and Russell, who have been friends since college, decided to develop and market a line of clothing with a unique—yet universal—appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.
Blue Sky Clothing reflects Neuman’s and Russell’s passion for the outdoors. The company’s original cotton T-shirts, baseball caps, and fleece jackets and vests bear logos of different sports—such as kayaking, mountain climbing, bicycling, skating, surfing, and horseback riding. But every item shows off the company’s slogan: “Go Play Outside.” Blue Sky sells clothing for both men and women, in the hottest colors with the coolest names—such as sunrise pink, sunset red, twilight purple, desert rose, cactus green, ocean blue, mountaintop white, and river rock gray.
Blue Sky attire is currently carried by small retail stores that specialize in outdoor clothing and gear. Most of these stores are concentrated in northern New England, California, the Northwest, and a few states in the South. The high quality, trendy colors, and unique message of the clothing have gained Blue Sky a following among consumers between the ages of 25 and 45. Sales have tripled in the last year alone, and Blue Sky is currently working to expand its manufacturing capabilities.
Blue Sky is also committed to giving back to the community by contributing to local conservation programs. Ultimately, the company would like to develop and fund its own environmental programs. This plan will outline how Blue Sky intends to introduce new products, expand its distribution, enter new markets, and give back to the community.

Blue Sky’s mission is to be the leading producer and marketer of personalized, casual clothing for consumers who love the outdoors. Blue Sky wants to inspire people to get outdoors more often and enjoy family and friends while doing so. In addition, Blue Sky strives to design programs for preserving the natural environment.
During the next five years, Blue Sky seeks to achieve the following financial and nonfinancial goals:
• Financial Goals
1. Obtain financing to expand manufacturing capabilities, increase distribution, and introduce two new product lines.
2. Increase revenues by at least 50 percent each year.
3. Donate at least $25,000 a year to conservation organizations.
• Nonfinancial goals
4. Introduce two new product lines—customized logo clothing and lightweight luggage.
5. Enter new geographic markets, including southwestern and Mid-Atlantic States.
6. Develop a successful Internet site, while maintaining strong relationships with retailers.
7. Develop its own conservation program aimed at helping communities raise money to purchase open space.

Blue Sky seeks to use its core competencies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, in which competitors cannot provide the same value to consumers that Blue Sky does. Already, Blue Sky has developed core competencies in (1) offering a high-quality, branded product whose image is recognizable among consumers; (2) creating a sense of community among consumers who purchase the products; and (3) developing a reputation among retailers as a reliable manufacturer, delivering the requested number of products on schedule. The firm intends to build on these competencies through marketing efforts that increase the number of products offered as well as distribution outlets.
By forming strong relationships with consumers, retailers, and suppliers of fabric and other goods and services, Blue Sky believes it can create a sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals.
[760 words]

Answer the following questions by using complete sentences and your own words.
1. What is the purpose of the Blue Sky Clothing’s marketing plan?
2. What are the company’s plans for the next five years?
3. What did the founders do before starting their business together?
4. Why does Blue Sky Clothing reflect the founders’ “passion for outdoors”?
5. What consumer target does the company aim at?
6. Where are the company’s products sold?
7. What are the company’s main goals?
8. How is the company going to give back to the community?
9. What are Blue Sky’s core competencies?
10. How does the company intend to outperform its competitors?


Choose one of the following questions.
Number your answer clearly to show which question you have attempted.

1. You work in the Human Resources Department of Blue Sky Clothing. You have organized a training seminar for the staff.
Write an e-mail to the staff to provide all the relevant information: type of seminar, aims, date, time, place, why it is necessary to attend, etc. (250 words)


2. You work in the Marketing Department of Blue Sky Clothing. The company is launching a new line of products.
Write a promotional article for the customer newsletter. (250 words).
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