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1) Language starter sometime between 7 millions and 150,000 years ago.
2) Human utterances began to originate communication when the information transfer was beneficial for both speaker and listener.
3) The crucial elements for language to evolve was cooperation between speakers and listeners.
4) The fact that the analysed robots possessed evolving software.

5) The study is described in the essays of a group of Swiss scholars.
6) The breeding robots had the opportunity to choose “food” (positive) or “poison” (negative) sources to evolve themselves.
7) Poison sources were dangerous and to be avoided.
8) There was a downside to announcing food finds because information could be used by rival robots.
9) They created different tribes of robots.
10) The experiment proved that communication evolved when the colonies f robots contained genetically similar individual (as far as their software was concerned). Communication was not satisfactory when the colonies were composed of low related robots or when every robot worked for herself.
The passage talks about the results of a study on the evolution of communication among Artificial Intelligences. The results show that communication took place when there was a high level of relatedness among the robots. These finds could also explain the evolution of language and communication among human beings.
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