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1) Poetry should be a part of our actual life ( “a globed fruit… old medallions… sleeve-worn stone of casement ledges..”) and it should not be considered as an extraordinary event.
2) This is clearly a paradox, because a poem cannot be wordless. The idea is that the reader should give more importance to the scene or the feeling that the words express, than to the words used.

3) The purpose of a poem is to emphasize things, feelings or sensations, as the moon emphasizes small and apparently meaningless details ( “…twig by twig the night-entangled trees…”).
4) A poem is “not true” because its intent is to describe feeling ( “love…grief… empty doorway…leaning grasses and two lights above the sea…”) through similarities and comparisons, but they are not the feelings themselves, they are just their descriptions.
5) The two metaphors are connected to carnal love (the leaning grasses) and to romantic love ( the lights of a boat at night).
6) A poem is not important for its meaning but for the fact that it exists.
7) Mac Leish used imagery in the attempt to give real situations and events instead of describing them. So a poem be as “palpable and mute” as a ripe fruit that urges the reader read it.
A poem should be and not mean, so Mac Leish gave the reader flashes of real life ( “…a globed fruit…, …the flight of birds…, …the night-entangled trees…) to stir up his/her emotions and feelings, He did not want to tell the reader what he felt, he used imagery to provoke the reader’s emotional reaction

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