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Recently, in the news, there have been many special editions and reports regarding the so called “Land of Fire”. This term refers to a large area here in the Campania region. This area is exactly between the provinces of Caserta and Naples. As you probably know the city of Naples has had many problems with waste disposal and garbage but this is much worse. There seems to be evidence that large areas have become a sort of unauthorized toxic waste landfill. The major problem is that on this land houses and buildings have been built and also many farmers grow their crops on this land Unfortunately, the city of Naples, where I live is one of the 57 townships included in the “Land of Fire”.
In this area the Camorra, which is the local mafia, and in particular the clan of the Casalesi, have thrown and buried many toxic wastes. Often the piles of waste thrown in the country-side and along the roadsides are burned and toxic fumes are dispersed into the air. When I recently, found out about this big problem in my area I was totally shocked and astonished that this {was happening right in my back yard. Carmine Schiavone, who used to be the local boss, recently decided to collaborate with the magistrates, and I couldn’t believe my ears when he started speaking about the fact that my area was a toxic landfill. All this has had serious consequences on the local population, there has been a considerable increase in the amount of deaths due to cancer. There has also been an increase in birth defects due to this situation. One of the major problems is that the crops, fruit and vegetables, which grown in this area are contaminated and being sold at // local markets and people are buying them not knowing the danger they are encountering when they eat them.

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