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Robinson Crusoe - Trama
* The most important character of the novel written by Daniel Defoe is Robinson Crusoe, he born in York in 1632 by German father and English mother. Robinson is part of the middle class and at the age of nineteen years he decides to leave his family and all the comforts to travel all over the world.
* In his first voyage he is in Guinea and then he returned to England during his second voyage he was captured by Moorish pirates but after a few years he manages to escape and he was rescued by a Portuguese ship that leads in Brazil.
During a voyage to Africa he shipwrecked on a deserted island where he remained for twenty-eight years. He wrote a diary with all the events most important of the day, after twenty years of solitude he found other human beings on this island the cannibals.
* He attacked the cannibals and he saved a prisoner, which he called Friday as the day that has been found, Robinson taught him to eat, speak and read the Bible,so the two become friends. The novel ends with the return of Robinson in England and he discovered that he had become very rich thanks to a plantation in Brazil.
* Robinson is the main character of the novel, but he is also a hero who comes from the middle class. Robinson is considered self-made-man, a man capable of building a empire thanks to his ability and his common sense as example of English coloniser.
* The deserted island is the place setting of the novel,it is the ideal place where Robinson can prove to all its quality and he proves that he deserved to be saved by God.
* The society creates by Robinson on the island is not an alternative to English, but on the contrary, he shows us the English society of the eighteenth century. Defoe sees in God the first cause of all things, and people can change reality only with reading and interpretation the Bible.
* He applies to every situation, the rational method, at the begin he says to the problem and at the end he made a list of possible solutions likely to arrive to solve the problem.
* The language of the novel ist simple.
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