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Author: Defoe, Daniel

Title: Robinson Crusoe

Period: 1660-1731


Genre: Romance of Adventure

Plot: The author tells the events in a linear way. Robinson Crusoe was born in the city of York, where he was educated. His father wanted him to become a lawyer, but his only desire was to go to sea. When he was nineteen he left home without asking permission and began his life at sea.
After various adventures, he found himself on a ship sailing for the African coast. A violent tornado pushed the ship on the land. All the seaman abandoned the ship, and they drowned. But Robinson went ashore at the beach. He was on an island. He swim out to the ship and get as many things as he could. After ten month later, Robinson explored the island. It was uninhabited, and rich of fruit trees. One day he decided to build a boat. One midday Robinson saw a footprint in the sand, than he knew that in the other side of island there are some savage, and they were cannibals. Robinson attack the cannibals, and saved a person, who called Friday. Three years passed, and Friday saw three boats. They attack the savage, and between the prisoner, there was Friday's father. One morning he saw an English ship, and they report home Robinson with Friday.

Narrator: the narrator is Robinson and the story is told in first person then he is protagonist. The book is as a diary.

* Robinson: he is the protagonist. Gulliver is a shipwrecked who lived for twenty-eight years on a desert island. He is a very courageous man because the life on desert island is really difficult and often impossible.
* Friday: he is a savage who Robinson saved to the cannibals.

Setting: the story is setted mainly on a desert island where the protagonist lives for many years.

Theme: the author underlines all the problems which there are in 18° century for the formation of modern world. The desert island represents all the contradictions and obstacles of “new” world.

Style: The language is more difficult than Gulliver’s Travels, but it is very understandable and linear.

Effect: I don’t like this book because it is monotonous and the setting is always the same, but I admire the protagonist because he is very courageous, I consider him as a hero.
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