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The Cantervillle Ghost

Lord and lady canterville lived in a big beautiful old house. But there was one problem. A ghost malked around the house at night and tried to fighten people. Mysterious noises came from the corridors and every morning there was blood on the library floor. The cantervilles decide3d to sell their house-but who wanted to buy a house with a ghost? The Otis family did.
Hey were Americans. ‘We come from a modern country’, said Mr Otis to Lord Canterville. ‘Yes, we’re a normal family. We don’t believe in ghosts,’ added Mrs Otis. And so the Otis family bought the house and moved in. Mr and Mrs had four children. Their son, Washington, their teenage daughter, Virginia, and young twin boys. When the family arrived at Canterville they saw blood on the floor in the library. An old woman, the servant in the house, told them about the ghost. ‘it is the ghost or Sir Simon de Canterville. He killed his wife in the library in 1575. He died in 1584 and now his ghost visits the house and terrible things happen. You can’t clean the blood of the floor’. The family did not believe her but every morning the blood appeared again.
One night, at 12 o’ clock, Mr Otis heard a terrible noise. He opened the door and swathe ghost-abn old man with old clothes and with noisy chains. Mr Otis wasn’t afraid, he was angry. ‘can you stop making that noise?’ he said. The twin boys laughed at the ghost. The ghost was very angry because the family weren’t afraid of him! He appeared again and again, always at 12 o’clock but the family were not afraid of him the twins played tricks on him!
The ghost stopped going out at night and stopped putting the blood of the floor of the library. The house became very quiet. One day, the ghost was open and Virginia went in. the ghost was very calm and sad. I did a terrible thing when I alive, "said the ghost". And now I can’t sleep and I can’t die. Butwas there is a prophecy-in the library there is strange writing on the window and it says that one day young girl can help me to die.’ Virginia took the ghost’s hand. ‘I am not afraid’, she sad, and she asked the angel of Death to help the ghost of Simon Canterville. That evening, Virginia did not come down for dinner. Mr Otis looked for her. She was not in her room. She was not in the garden. Mr and Mrs Otis were very worried. Then, at 12 o’clock, there was a terrible noise. Virginia appearead. Sha had a small box with jewellery in it. She told her family about the ghost and showed them his room. In tha room there was a skeleton. ‘he gave me this jewellery before he died. Now the ghost is happy,’ said Virginia. ‘now he can sleep’.
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