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Differences between Wuthering Heights and Dickens’ novels

The main difference between Wuthering Heights of Emily Bronte and Dickens’ novels is in the setting. Wuthering Heights is set in the country-side while Dickens always sets his novels in great industrial towns, and in particular in London. Dickens describes the world of the outcast, of the people belonging to the city; he deals with the poor people and the workers and often talks about the workhouses.
His issues were hot and contemporary, expressed in an interesting way because his aim was that to entertain people. He tries to teach something through his novels and relies on people to change their opinions by reading them. In fact, any reader can identify himself with the characters or situations presented in his novels. In this way the more educated and wealthier classes could acquire knowledge of their poorer neighbors, and thus of this other reality that was not that distant.
On the other hand, Emily Bronte sets her novel in the countryside where the aristocracy had moved to after leaving the city. These people had a different education, a different culture and traditions.
In her novel Emily Bronte talks about individualism, with Heathcliff who dies alone, while in Dickens’ novels people often socialize and care for their families.
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