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"Triple murder" by Tim Weaver: summary and brief analysis

"Triple murder" is a novel that was written by the English author Tim Weaver.
Triple murder is the sixth investigative thriller of the series that has David Raker as the protagonist
The protagonist is David Raker, the investigative detective, who specializes in finding the disappeared.
In this novel, Raker finds himself investigating with Colm Healy, who in previous novels we learned to know through ambiguous behavior: he alternated a bit of blatant hostility to a bit of apparent collaboration.
In this novel, Colm Healy is no longer the strong man we have known, the one that, if it was the case, hindered David Raker in order to excel. In this novel, Colm Healy became the shadow of that intriguing detective of the homicide squad that he once was. He lost his job and his family. Now he is a drunkard and a homeless man. His life changed because of an obsession, that for a case of triple murder, remained unsolved.
David Raker is the only one who has not abandoned him. He knows what it means to be really alone. Raker wants to help the former rival to get back on track and, to do so, is ready for anything, even to propose a collaboration in the resolution of that cold case that has haunted him so much.
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