The Victorian age

In this period there was for the first time a communion of interests between writers and readers thanks to the circulation of libraries.
Both writers and readers were from the Middle class.
Novel made its first appearance in installments in the page of periodicals. It became the most popular form of literature because it corresponded to the sensibility of the age and maintained the same structure of the traditional novel:
- The Plot: corresponded to the evolution of the story in time; was more fragmented and it caused in the public more suspense and curiosity.

- The Time: chronological
- Setting: industrial city; especially London emerged as the heart of the new social system. Manual workers lived in terrible condition in the workhouses, institution for people who couldn’t live with their economic benefits. Another problem is represented by the exploitation of children who were deeply employed in the field of industry.
- Style: Realistic, based on the description of the Victorian way of life

Difference between Romantic and Victorian authors:
Romantic poets abandoned society, prevalence of fantasy in their stories; Victorian narrators described society as the main protagonist. They were omniscient and narrated story without comments in an objective view of the world.
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