Video appunto: Osborne, John - Look Back in Anger
John Osborne

He was the creator of the Theater of Anger and lived the post-world war drama. Like the theater of The Absurd, we have the lack of tradiotional
values and the mistrust in rationalism as a means to explain reality and we have also the decline of religious belief. There is also the destruction of the certainties of the Victorian Age.
This is caused by the materialism and consumerism of the contemporary society and the disillusionment op people about the social ideas brought by the totalitarianism. However the main features of the Theatre of Anger are different from the the Theatre of the Absurd, in this kind of theatre we have a realistic setting (unlike the theater of the absurd where we have a symbolic setting T Ab)
, a logical and easy to follow plot ( instead of the no-sensical plot of the T Ab) an outspoken language ( othewise in the T.Ab we have a meaningless language).

Look Back in Anger.
One of his most famous work was ''Look Back In Anger'' . This
work is divided in 3 act with a circular plot (Like many works from different writers of this age) . As i said the setting is realistic in this kinf of T. , in fact the story takes place in a squalid attic flat in the midland in a tedious sunday afternoon. The character, Jimmy Porter, reflects the loss of meaning of actions, actually he is considered an anti-hero because he just speaks but never acts. He also expresses anger about the past and the lack of interest by his wife, with her he has a love and hate relationship. Moreover through a crude and violent language Osborne expresses the pain of being alive and discontent of British society.