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Witches' Loaves

Author: O.Henry
Type of book: Short Story_ Fiction
Published in: 1911

Setting:United States
Place:a backery (indoor setting)
Time:in the early '900
Plot:Miss Martha works in a backery. One day comes a new customer and she tries to know more about the man. Looking at him she begin thinking that he's an artist and that he's poor. The mysterious customer buys every day stale bread. One day she put butter into the stale bread without saying him because she wants help him. But than the artist comes back to the backery: he's angry because the butter destroyed his work (he uses the stale bread to rub out pencil lines).

Type of narrator:3rd person, omniscent, outside the story, he intrudes upon the story

Comments on the language of the text: rich in dialogues
Themes: Prejudice

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