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Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson

The story ‘The red circle’ takes place in London at the start of the twentieth century. It is about London’s famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes and his friend, Dr Watson. Dr Watson helps Holmes with his detective cases.

When Sherlock Holmes moved to London in 1874 he did not have much money and his family had to help him. In 1881 he decided to share the cost of his rooms at 221B Baker Street with Dr John H. Watson, and this i show Holmes and Watson became good friends.

Watson tells us a lot of things about Holmes: he is not a difficult person to live with because he is quiet and has regular habitus. For example, he usually goes to bed around ten ata night and gets up very ezrly in the morning. He works on his cases with a lot of energy, but sometimes he gets very bored and sits in the living room and does nothing.

Watson also tells that he is untidy and his desk is always full of papers. Mrs Hudson is the housekeeper who tidies the rooms. We know that Holmes plays the violin and wears Persian slippers at home. He often uses chemistry equipment to help him solve cases. Holmes i san excellent and he often surprises Watson with his solutions to difficult cases.

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