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Sherlock Holmes and the sport of kings

This is a yellow book. It speaks about a racehorse that was stolen and about his trainer that was killed. Sherlock Holmes read on newspaper about this case. One day, Mr Holmes received two letters; one was from Mr Ross, the owner of the horse, the other was from inspector Gregory of police. They asked him aid to resolve this case.
So, He decided to leave for Dartmoor, where there are King’s Pyland stales. He knew that Silver Blaze, the stolen racehorse, would have participated in a race and that the horse was the most favored to victory. Some bettors were not afraid for this disappearance, because They had bet on other horses and if Silver Blaze had won They would lose money wagered. At first, the inspector Gregory had some question to Edith Baxter, the servant of the man killed; She told what She had done that night. She carried Ned Hunter’s dinner down to the stables. It was a hot meat curry.
She was scared when a man came to her. He had a big walking stick; He wanted to give a letter to be given to Ned, but She refused and began to run, until They came to the window chamber Ned. The man followed the women and He managed to speak through the window with Ned Hunter. The man said that He knew that Ned had two horses that have participated in the Wessex Cup. John didn't want to listen the man and so closed the window. John Straker was thought for the horses because it is raining, so He decided to go to the stables. Next morning, when John's wife was awakened, not found her husband in bed. They found the stables open, Ned, the guardian, slept on a chair, the stable of Silver Blaze was open and He was not there. And even wasn't found John Straker. Asked the inspectors if They had heard something, but They said no. Ned and Mrs. Straker went home to seek Mr Straker. Not too far from the stables, They found the body of John in the mud and some tracks of Silver Blaze too. On John’s body, They found a scarf; it was of the stranger. Ned says that He never heard anything that night because the stranger put something in his dinner.
At second, the inspector Gregory had some question to Fitzroy Simpson, the stranger. He confirmed that He had been on Monday night at King's Pyland stables, and that the scarf that They have found on Mr Straker’s body was his. Than Holmes, inspector Gregory, Mr. Ross and Fitzroy Simpson went to the place of the crime to find some clue. Inspector Gregory said that He had one of Straker’s shoes, one of Simpson’s shoes and one of Silver Blaze shoes. Mr. Ross wanted to take Silver Blaze’s name out of the Wessex Cup race; but Holmes said that He would to find his horse before the race. Holmes and inspector Gregory followed the footsteps of horse who had found near the body of the victim. They arrived on the banks of a river, where the footprints ended. They put the Silver Blaze's shoe, who had found, in a footprint and They saw that it was equal.
Near the track of horseshoes, They found another track; It was a track of a man’s shoe. Then They returned at home. Holmes made to Mr. Brown few questions and He told him that He had the horse and that for fear of police, had changed the colour of the mantle of the horse. He had stolen the horse because He had bet that Desborough would have won the race, but with Silver Blaze would not have had many hopes. At the end, the day of the race, Silver Blaze was there, ready to run. Mr. Ross was happy to revisit his horse. Silver Blaze won the Wessex Cup. On the train back to London Holmes told them the story behind the mystery. He told that Straker was dishonest. Straker put a big bet against his own horse, and then stops his horse winning with a small cut in a leg of the animal. He led his horse away from the stables, to complete his intent. Silver Blaze was scared and he kicks out with his back legs, and the horseshoes hit Straker on the head. Strake goes down, into the mud, and a knife which was used in order to not run the horse in his left leg. So, Straker dead in this way and the mystery is solved. I think that Sherlock Holmes is a careful observer and with his perseverance always get success and It was nice to follow these events investigation.
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