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Mary Shelley

Was the daughter of radical philosopher William Godwin. In 1814 Mary and Shelley fell in love and ran off to Europe. Her best work is Frankenstein,published anonymously in 1818.
Frankenstein, or the modern Prometeus is a romantic version of the very ancient dream of the creation of artificial life and can be considered philosophical romance and Gothic tale: it possesses the emotional language and the atmosphere of suspense and danger but it differs from many Gothic novels because it substitutes the supernatural with science. → forerunner of science fiction.
Innovative narrative technique, complex narrative structure, it has a frame.
The main characters are all linked to the theme of the double: Walton and Frankenstein have the same ambition to overcome human limits. Frankenstein and the monster are complementary:they suffered from a sense of isolation. Main Theme: double, forbidden knowledge and social prejudice

F: is told in the 1 person by 3 different non-omniscient narrators: Walton,who writes to her sister Margaret about how he has saved Frankestein. Frankstein himself tells the story of his experiments. Frankstein's narration a report by the monster himself.
The story is about a scientist named Frankenstein who manages to create a monster by joining parts of different corpses. On a stormy night he manages to get a lot of energy from the lightning and gives life to the creature. After giving it life, he turns out to be disgusted by its monstrosity and abandons it. The monster wants Frankenstein to create a spouse for him, but he refuses having anything to do with it anymore.
So the monster becomes a real criminal, killing most of Frankenstein’s family and compelling him to chase him. So Frankenstein chases the monster till he arrives to the Arctic Circle and is saved by a mariner, Walton. Frankenstein is weak, and almost dying, and spends his last words telling the story to Walton. At the end the monster appears and grieves over the dead body of his creator, then he disappears in the dark.

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