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Mary Shelley - Frakenstein

"Frankenstein, or the modern prometeus" is a novel, defined both a philosophical romance and a Gothic tale. The novel offers a clear example of the way in which scientific evolution has affected society in 19th century indeed Victor Frankenstein's creature is not the result of magic or supernatural but he is created trought scientific principles; for this reason "Frankenstein" is considered the forerunner of science fiction.

The figure of Dr Frankenstein is often associated to Faust and Prometheus, as the title suggests, because they all embody the idea of the overricher: this characters try to overcome the limits imposed to the human kind, rejecting God's authority. Dr Frankenstein, in his search for knowledge, crosses all bounds in order to acquire the power of giving life, and shows his strong ambition. The Creature is literally made of dead body parts that have been reanimated, giving him a terrifying appearance so that after the creation, Victor regrets for having created such a demoniac creature and wants to destroy it.
On the other hand, the monster becomes a victim of an injust society; from the moment of his "birth" he lives isolated and rejected by people. The novel makes also reference to John Milton's Paradise Lost: the creature identifies himself with the Biblical figure of Satan because he too was cast aside by his creator. The monster's bitterness and lonelyness increase his thirst for revenge, that leads him to murder Victor and everyone close to him.
The main theme of the novel is the complex relationship between Dr Frankenstein and the monster togher with the idea of the double. The novel offers an example of the dual constrary states of human soul: Dr.Frankenstein feels responsable for the creation of the monster and wants to destroy him, because he symbolizes his failure so he sacrifies everything and dedicates his whole life to this aim. The two character are involved in a fight in which they try to kill each other. Anyway their lives are closely linked. They are two separate beings, but existing in a relationship of interdependence indeed the monster can be considered as Victor Frankenstein's alterego.
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