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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by Shakspeare at the and of fifteenth century.
It is a story set in Verona, starring the two young lovers.
Principal topics are love, a forbidden love, coused by rivalty between their families, Capulet and Montegue.
Romeo proposes a marriage to Juliet, a secret marriage.The day of the marriage, Romeo kills Tebaldo, cousin od Juliet, forced to flee to Montua.
Juliet is forced to married a gentleman, but drinking a narcotic that make it seem dead for forty hours.
Friar Lourence order to bring Romeo the news to escape togehter to juliet,but the messeger does not arrive to Romeo, wich belives that juliet is dead.
Romeo drinking a poison wich kills him; Juliet awakes and it pieces with a dogger.

The Balcony Scene is one of the main scenes, the set it outside the balcony, at juliet's house.
Romeo is very romantic and compares juliet's beauty to the sunlight.

Juliet explane the rivalry of their families but their name are not essential and are not part of body. She also asked Romeo to give up his name to have her love.

The creator of the fantastic work is William Shakespeare. He was born in Stanford in 1564, probably on twenty-three of April. In 1584 he left Stanford and he went to London when he play theatre for the first time. He wrote dramas, commedies and tragedies in particular 10 commedies and 8 tragedies. One of the most important of the last one listed is just Romeo and Juliet.

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