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Rob Roy was written by Sir Walter Scott and was published in 1817.
This book tells the story of Francis Osbaldistone, the son of an English merchant who dreams to be a poet and to travel around Europe. To realize his wish, Francis has to ask to his cousin Rashleigh to take his own place in the family business, but when Mr. Osbaldistone goes to Holland leaving Rashleigh in charge of his business, the boy steals his uncle’s money and flees.
Francis starts to search for his cousin to have his money back and to avoid his father’s bankrupt.
After meeting Mr. Owen, a men convicted in Glasgow Prison because of his debts, Francis finds out that the only person who could help him to have his father’s money back from Rashleigh is Rob McCampbell, who is in reality the famous outlaw Rob Roy.
While searching for him, Francis is arrested by Captain Thornton for having contacts with an outlaw. Captain Thornton says that he will hung Francis and his travel mates if they don't tell him where Rob Roy is. During their search for Rob Roy, Captain Thornton and his travel mates are captured by Roy’s wife. Only Francis can escape, but when he hears that Rob Roy has been captured by English soldiers, he decides to plead for his freedom to avoid the vengeance of Roy’s clan.
When Rob Roy escapes, Frank is accused of being Rob’s accomplice and has to flee. While he is hiding to avoid to be captured by English soldiers, Francis meets his beloved Diana Vernon who gives him back his father’s money.
Afterwards, Diana and Francis are arrested, but Rob Roy frees them, so they can escape to France where they get married and lived many happy days together.
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