D’Artagnan: protagonist of the novel. Brave young Gascon whose ambition is to become a part of the king's Musketeers. Very skilled with the sword, stubborn and very smart.
Athos: one of the Three Musketeers of the King. A man of noble mind, is perhaps the most liked by D'Aratagnan. Before becoming a musketeer marries a woman who will be the perfidious Milady.
Porthos: the most dissolute of the Three Musketeers. Enjoy gambling and the game of dice. It 's the strongest of the three.
Aramis great expert of Latin and poetry, sometimes composer. Man of faith, will eventually become the Abbe of Herblay.
Richelieu: Cardinal of great wealth, most powerful man in France. It 's very loyal to the king, but he hates the Queen
Milady: Wife of Athos, is at the service of Richelieu. But wicked smart. Branded and condemned to death by the French justice. During execution, however, manages to escape.

Costanza: valet of the queen. Incorruptible and loyal servant. Woman of much grace and mild-mannered, so beloved by D'Artagnan.
D'Artagnan wants to become a musketeer
D'Artagnan was born from a noble family fallen on hard times. His dream is to become a part of the body of the musketeers of King Louis XIII. So he went to France with a letter of introduction to give to the captain of the Musketeers De Treville. During his trip stops at an inn where he is attacked by a mysterious knight who steals the letter. Presenting however meeting with De Treville has a first clash with Athos than Porthos and finally with Aramis, all challenge him to a duel behind the Carmelite convent. While fighting with Athos are stopped by the guards of the cardinal, as duels were considered illegal, and the two are obliged to fight the guards helped by Porthos and Aramis. Together they defeated the guards and take refuge in the house of D'Artagnan where born a deep friendship.
Richelieu plot against the Queen
Meanwhile Richelieu, prime minister of the king and his loyal servant, plots against the queen he considers a danger to France. These discovers that the Queen is a lover of the Duke of Buckingham to which he gave as a pledge of his love, twelve tips of diamonds, given to him by the king. To try to open the eyes of the king, the cardinal proposed to organize a great dance where the queen could show her diamonds, and the king agrees. At this point the queen absolutely must recover the diamonds and instructs his loyal servant Constance to authorize D'Artagnan with the three Musketeers travel to England to recover.
The Musketeers recover the diamond of queen
During the trip to England to recover diamond tip, the Musketeers face various adventures that force them to stop, to continue to fight or to treat wounds. Only D'Artagnan is able to embark and to arrive in England. Arrived in London goes from Buckingham to retrieve the tips but they discover that they are missing two stolen from Milady, an accomplice of Richelieu. Buckingham is readily make a copy of the two tips to the jeweler's and D'Artagnan returned with the diamond in time to save the honor of the queen.
The musketeers and D'Artagnan go to war and Milady kill the duke of Buckimngam
Meanwhile war broke out and D'Artagnan was commissioned by Captain de Treville to go look for the Musketeers and bring them home to fight with the guards to Richelieu at La Rochelle, the last English possession in France. In the meantime, the Cardinal sends Milady to murder the Duke of Buckimngam. Milady is arrested on the English coast by Lord Winter, informed of by a letter from D'Artagnan and the musketeers who had discovered the plan of Richelieu. Milady manage to bribe the general Felton who helps her to escape and kill for her the Duke of Buckingham.
Milady kills Constance
Milady has another job to do: to find and kill Constance. D'Artagnan comes to know her intent and runs from the woman he loves to try to save her life, but is too late: she was poisoned by Milady.
Milady dies and D'Artagnan becomes a musketeer
D' Artagnan destroyed by pain search Milady and delivery to the executioner from which years before had managed to escape, and killed. At the end of the war and all these plots Cardinal Richelieu recognizes the merits of D' Artagnan and nominated him lieutenant of the body of musketeers.
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