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Animal farm by George Orwell (1945)

George Orwell's “Animal farm” was written in 1945, and despite being present as a children's fairy tale, it actually has a modern political and satirical metaphor (in particular it is a parody of Russian Revolution and an important reflection on the theme of power).
When “Animal Farm” was published has raised clamor and has had issues of censorship.
The story is set in an English farm and the farmer owner is Mr Jones. One day the older pig called Older Major gathered all the animals to express his thoughts; he affirmed that the animals had to rebel immediately against the man because of the exploitation and the injustice.
In fact, as time passed, the animals convinced that the revolution was the only way to escape from that situation, so they acted.
After the rebellion, the animals began to create their own society, divided their tasks based on the principles of equality. Initially, everything went well, but as time went on, the pigs began to behave differently, trying to impose themselves.
“Animal Farm” is also a metaphor of the Russian revolution and Stalin's totalitarianism.
Every animal represents a character or a social class in reality (for example: dogs represent the policemen; Napoleon represents Stalin; Snowball symbolizes Trotsky).
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