Video appunto: Orwell, George - Animal farm, approfondimento
They meet every night in the stable and they are studying behaviours and habits of their boss, mr Jones.
Pigs because they are the most intelligent animals in the farm.
One day humans forgot to give food to animals who became angry. Their boss forgot to do the work because he was sleeping as the night before he had drunk a lot and the other workers took advantage of this situation and (they) decided to go away from the farm.
Animals were hungry and so they went to the warehouse to take food.
When the boss got up saw this situation and called the other men and he went into the warehouse to punish his animals with his whip. All animals decided to take advantage of the occasion and all together they attacked humans who escaped.
So the farm became a property of animals.
They wrote 7 rules on a wall of the barn .
Food is for everyone. All animal are equal…animals have what they produce, the food can’t go only to a small part of the population. Then we said for example “two legs is an enemy, four legs is a friend” can mean that land workers are friends, 2 legs capitalist people are enemies yet there are differences from the very start… we mentioned them in class, the five buckets of milk and napoleon standing in front of them “never mind the milk comrades, the harvest is more important… comrade Squealer will lead the way”
Then there are a lot of other principles.

The spreading of revolution according to the unalterable laws of progress, working men of all the world unite

The sharing of goods as well as of education (but only the pigs are sel-taught, the other animals had to work too hard)

Luxury goods were abolished as useless (but appeared again at the end)

Bureaucratic work was reserved to inner party members only and all important charges were for them only.

The use of the secret police to terrorize people , kgb, in the story the watch dogs.

The use of propaganda in communication →Squealer corresponds to Molotov and Beria

Elections were as a matter of fact abolished (one list , one candidate
→ Stalin) as there was no need for that anymore.
It was already the people’s power and there could be no more evolution after that, that was the final step in history. (Marx scientific doctrine and analysis of history)

I perceive a kind of corruption, cold cruel calculation by the pigs who are planning everything to take the power from the very start. They use their intelligence to become new bosses. For example they teach themselves to read and write.
After Snowball and Napoleon had created the doctrine of “animalism”, some animals on the farm started to say that mr Jones fed them and so they needed him. They asked also why the revolution would have been done soon or later.