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-The Pearl-

“The Pearl” is an old Mexican story written by John Steinbeck, an American author, published in 1947.
This story is about a poor pearl diver named Kino.
One day a scorpion stung his baby, so he took the baby to the doctor, but the doctor refused to treat his baby because Kino couldn't pay him.
After that, Kino, when he was diving, found an enormous pearl. With this pearl he could pay the doctor, but when Kino tried to sell the pearl in the town all the dealers offered him a low price, and at the end he didn’t sell it, because in his opinion the pearl was very valuable.
In the meantime the news about the pearl spread through the town and some men attacked Kino in order to steal (robbed) the pearl, but he reacted and killed one of them with a knife.
Kino, his baby and his wife Juana tried to leave the city, but someone had made a hole in their canoe.
When they came back to their house, they found it in flames. So they left the town and started walking towards the capital to sell Kino’s pearl.
Some hunters followed them into the mountains. One of them had heard the baby and thought there was a dangerous animal, so he shot and killed the baby.
Then Kino and Juana came back to the town with their dead baby.
In the end Kino threw the pearl back into the sea, because he thought it was very evil.
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