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Florence Nightngale

Florence Nightngale was bor in Florence in 1820. She come from to a very rich English family. When she annouced that she wanted to become a nurse, her parents tried to persuade her not to leave. Florence refused to give up her dream of helping poor and sick people and convinced them to let her leave for the Crimea. In 1854 the Crimea War had broken out and many British soldiers were dying because of untreated wounds. Florence decided to leave with a group of nurses to set up a hospital to look after British soldiers. The soldiers began to call her "the lady with the lamp" because, at night, she used to walk along the wards with a lamp in her hand. Without Florence and her nurses help, many lives might have been lost. Thousands of men were able to return to their families in England.During her long life(she died at the age og ninety in 1910), she founded the Training School for nurses at St. Thomas Hospital in London. Her whole life was an example of sacrificie, love and help for the weak.

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