Video appunto: McCarthy, Cormac - No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men

"No Country for Old Men" is a book written by author Cormac McCarthy. The book was published in 2005.
In 2005, in South Texas, not far from the border, a veteran hunter from Vietnam, Llewelynn Moss, found an off-road vehicle and dead bodies in the middle of the desert, the remains of a drug exchange that went wrong.
Not far away, he finds a briefcase full of dollars. From this moment his life will turn into a great escape.
Escape from a psychopath and ruthless contract killer, Anton Chigurh, so tenacious that he has the reputation of never leaving a way out to those who have been designated as his victim, always ready to leave behind a trail of infinite blood in order to reach his goal.
Between them is the elderly Sheriff Tom Bell, who unlike Llewelyn has realized the immense danger that the latter runs, and sets out on his trail in the hope of finding him before the killer.
It is precisely the splendid figure of the sheriff, through chapters written in the form of a "stream of consciousness" in the first person, to lead us through this black story of violence and madness.
The elderly Sheriff Bell will have to go after the killer and his victim, following a path littered with death and madness. Tom Bell is part of an almost extinct generation. Bell continually wonders why there is so much absurd violence, coming to the sad conclusion that times have changed too quickly for him to be ready to face them. His is the voice of conscience. A voice that must always be heard. By now the sheriff realizes he is out of place, in an amoral, ruthless, raw world. Man's barbarism and decay seems inexorable.