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"Particularly Cats" by Doris Lessing

"Particularly Cats" is a book written by the English author Doris Lessing.
It is a rather original book of its kind.
In this book, the writer tells about her experiences with cats, glimpses of life lived sometimes a bit 'bloody.
The numerous proliferation of cats is a very present topic in this book, in fact in some episodes of youth describes the drastic ways to which it was forced.
Despite these episodes evidently marked the life of the writer, so much to remember them also some time later, she fails, even in the presence of modern safe methods, to sterilize her cats also compelling to perform those acts that had so marked in her youth.
Doris offers us an extremely realistic story, delightfully descriptive but without plot, in which she narrates the close bond that she had with her cats throughout her life. And on the other hand, the close bond that cats had with her.
A very intimate book, the result of everyday life with which the author minutely describes the psychology of her pets and with which they, through her words, reveal it.
From the spark of love in Persia when a child had her first cat, to the harshest African reality where a painful control of the generous proliferation of mother nature was necessary, to the London life of apartment animals (and humans).
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