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"The Diaries of Jane Somers" is a novel written by the English author Doris Lessing.
The novel begins with a preamble aimed at presenting the background (Jane before the moral redemption).
In her diary, Janna gives a merciless description of herself, of her relationship with her husband, mother, sister: a girl, a spoiled child, an intelligent woman who, precisely because she is intelligent, understands that something is missing in human relationships , or feelings. In fact, she can not get in touch with her feelings of pain, love, anger. Everything is clouded in her by the intelligence that makes her live over the affections, without the affections. Precisely for this reason Janna imposes at a certain point to do for a perfect stranger what she has not done for her husband and mother.

The book is characterized by a profound psychological introspection of the two women, the young and the old. The reader is accompanied in the continuous game of comparisons, of life, of experiences, of historical epochs, of sensibility, of characters and what is most pleasing is the merciless portrait of human weakness whether we are reading the description of the fatigue of living in an old body, whether you follow the protagonist who struggles to grow and mature, or that the memories of the old are presented as the sum of their earthly experience.
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